About Tire-Rama


The Company was started on June 17, 1977, with the merger of B.L.M. Tire and Hasty Tire. At that time, B.L.M. consisted of stores in Billings, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, Anchorage, Spokane, Rapid City and Dickinson. The Company was primarily a Dayton Tire distributor but was also handling Cooper and B.F. Goodrich tires. Jack Hasty had stores in Rudyard and Havre and brought with him the Michelin brand. The name “TIRE-RAMA” was selected as a means of identifying the new Company to the public.

From those beginnings, Tire-Rama has grown today to be 45 locations and the premier independent tire dealer across four states: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington where we offer home-town service. Marketing efforts also extend into all adjoining states and Canada thanks to a well-established weekly distribution system. Along with a wide variety of tires, the Company’s stores offer a complete menu of automotive accessories and services. The Company strives to position itself for future growth and takes great pride in the quality of its people.

Tire-Rama will continue as the industry leader by constantly focusing on its customers and on the goal of providing quality services and products at affordable prices.

TIRE-RAMA – More Than Just A Tire Store.