Employment Opportunities

Tire-Rama is always looking for high quality employees

to provide the best products and  services for our customers!

 With over 40 locations across four states and a corporate headquarters, Tire-Rama is always interested in hearing from promising candidates.  Positions within our company include tire technicians, mechanics, warehouse, retread, delivery drivers, and sales personnel among other varied opportunities.


 Tire-Rama is committed to abiding by all of the laws pertaining to fair employment practices.All persons having the authority to hire, transfer, pay, promote or discharge personnel shall support, without reservations, a non-discriminatory policy of hiring or transferring to any vacancy any qualified applicant without regard to age, race, creed, color, gender, marital status, veteran status, disability, religion, national origin, or any other identified and protected class.

 Tire-Rama offers equal opportunity for employment, pay or advancement to all qualified applicants and employees.We follow employment procedures and practices that prevent anyone from being adversely excluded from employment opportunities when the reasonable demands or essential functions of the position do not require an age, physical or mental handicap, marital status or sex distinction, as required by the Montana Human Rights Act and federal law.

  Current opening:


Email: timo@tirerama.com

Fax: (406)206-4008

Contact By Mail: 1401 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE, BILLINGS, MT 59101-1303

Job Title: Warehouse Detail/Truck Driver

Job Description: Load and unload freight (shipping & receiving) and the daily restocking of merchandise, General warehouse duties of cleaning and inventory, May involve some over-the-road delivery on a fill-in basis, Other duties as required,

Job Location: BILLINGS, MT 59101-1303

Number Of Openings : 1

Job Close Date: 3/31/14

Starting Pay: Not Specified

Commission Or Piece-Rate job: No

Duration: Over 150 Days

Term(s) : Full Time

Shifts : Day

Work Schedule: M-F 8-5 and Rotating Saturdays

Days Off : Sunday

Vehicle Required : No

Minimum Driver License Class: Class Code – B (Minimum)

Driver License Endorsements : Not Specified

Skills/Tools: Warehouse /Production, Clean Driving Record, Organizational Skills, Detail Oriented, Multitasking

Minimum Degree: High School Diploma

If you would like to inquire about openings for your job field, please contact us using the options below.