Transmission Services

Like any fluid in your vehicle, transmission fluid needs to be serviced according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

  • Heat and oxidation are harmful to a transmission. They cause gum and varnish to build up. Valves can stick, causing shifting problems.
  • This condition can lead to shortened transmission life and high repair expenses.

Dirty Fluid

Clean Fluid
  • Transmission fluid deteriorates over time, forming sludge and varnish deposits.
  • These deposits can cause shifting problems, and the formation of wear metals in the fluid can cause even greater damage.
  • Exchanging the fluid helps, however roughly 65% to 75% of the contaminated fluid remains in the system
  • Power flushing the system removes virtually 100% of the contaminated fluid.
  • Adding a transmission flush chemical prior to flushing the system removes sludge, gum and varnish along with the wear metals.
  • Have this service performed according to your manufacturers’ recommendations for longer transmission life!

Most manufacturers recommend Transmission System Cleaning every 30,000 miles.

Tire-Rama Transmission Services

Basic Service
  • Gear fluid change
  • Remove old contaminated fluid
  • Replace with fresh fluid
  • Extra charges for Synthetic fluid
Deluxe Service
  • Power Flush Transmission Service
  • Remove old contaminated fluid
  • Replace with fresh fluid
  • Trans Flush I
Complete Service
  • Install Transmission Flush chemical
  • Power Flush Transmission Service
  • Install Transmission Protectant for longer transmission life
  • Trans Flush II