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At Tire-Rama, we take pride in offering the best customer experience at locations across the Northwest US in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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We had an interesting Tuesday last week. On the way to drop our son off at a medical appointment, we developed a side-wall puncture in a relatively new tire. When the local gas station was unable to fix it, we topped off with air and immediately jetted off for Sullivan Road. John and his crew got our car in right away, determined that we needed a new tire and set to work, even though closing time was approaching. Although it took some extra time due to unexpected difficulties, we were back on the road with a new set of tires and minimal stress. John and his staff were friendly, efficient and self-sacrificing and are a tremendous credit to Tire Rama's standards of customer service. Please relay to them just how pleased we are with their effort!
I am writing this to let you know what outstanding service that we received from Leith Price, the manager and his team in Livingston. We are aware of the great service that we get at our Tire Rama in Great Falls from Mark and his team, but Leith kept his store open in Livingston and went the extra mile to get us back on the road again. They found me a tire I could use until I got back to Great Falls and had Mark put 4 new ones on this morning. When I read your slogan, "More Than Just a Tire Store", I can honestly say that I thought it was just marketing. Not anymore!
After having a frustrating prior experience at this Tire Rama location, I dropped by to get the lug nuts on my new snow tires tightened. Steve was very courteous, and although they were busy, he took the time to help me out and also adjusted the tire pressure. I appreciated his professional manner and his desire to do right by the customer when others at Tire Rama have dropped the ball for me in the past few weeks.
I came in thinking I needed tires, and they told me I just needed to rotate my tires and that I was running them with too much air. They showed me on the door of the truck what the Manufacturer recommends! They were amazing and thorough, and had it done in 20 minutes! I am so grateful for their caring and honesty and professionalism!. When I do need new tires I will be buying them at Tire Rama on the corner of Govt Way and Best Ave, in Coeur d’Alene!! Thank You Again!! Donna Van Cleef
Went in for a quick tire rotation been in 3 other times. Was told I had to make a appointment and the manager was rude! Never made an appointment before. He also had the guts to tell me that I hadn't been to his store then... not good business I am sure if I was buying tires it would have been a different story.

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Scheduled an appointment for customer since we have been scheduling a day out right now. Told customer that I realized some stores do not schedule appointments but he have for the last 5 years. Let customer know that we would happily bring vehicle in the shop if we didn't have waiting appointments. I was neither rude or told customer they had not been in before.
Showing 161-165 of 165 reviews
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